About Brett Cotham

Arkansas based dentist Dr. Brett Cotham traces the concrete origins of a life in dentistry to his college years. Several years ago, he enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where his journey towards becoming a dentist took hold. His undergraduate career was responsible for a strong academic foundation in the sciences, and Cotham concentrated in both biology and chemistry. That love of the sciences eventually led him to study of dentistry, and he was accepted into a program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC). There, Brett Cotham sharpened his skills in the Oral Surgery Honors Program. The year 2012 saw him obtain a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, and graduate with honors.

After he graduated from UMKC, Brett Cotham began working professionally at a practice in north central Arkansas called Highland Family Dentistry. His time there saw him refine his skills as he became a talented Associate Dentist. As he continued to further himself at Highland Family Dentistry, Cotham moved west with his dental skills, where he came to Brady’s, a family dentistry and cosmetics practice. In his early days at Brady’s, Brett Cotham joined as an Associate, and has since become a partner.

Brett Cotham’s hard work has led him to become a talented dentist. At Brady’s, the extra work Cotham put into his degree University of Missouri, Kansas School of Dentistry’s Oral Surgery Honors Program translated well into his professional life in Arkansas. He is notable for having “extensive experience” in cosmetic dentistry, an exceptional field in which to distinguish oneself. Several surveys by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry reveal oral cosmetic dentistry to be desirable, and it is characteristic stable revenues means that it shows no sign of slowing down. At his new practice, he makes use of a technology called “Smile Design”.

When one thinks about the high demand for cosmetic dental surgery, something like smile design makes perfect sense. It involves the patient describing the kind of smile that he or she wants, for a preview before any procedure. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you think about the lasting effect that cosmetic surgery has, its truly amazing that the patient can get a good idea of what will be different before and surgical procedure beings. Brett Cotham also performs routine procedures like root canals, bone grafting, and implantation; as well as other and practices related to general dentistry. When he is not improving others lives, Brett Cotham enjoys to travel.