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I don’t know if you’ve been up to New York lately, but if you have, you may have seen something on the subway. Well a lot of things, like sweaty commuters, buskers, maybe a celebrity… you get the point. But one ad campaign is really picking up steam, a fresh take on the “I Love NY” cliché. But really, the campaign makes the point that there is more to NY than the “C”. By advertising it, the state is really trying to get tourists to explore upstate New York and Long Island.

Venmo Lucas

Oh, and you’ve probably seen Lucas, too.

Fathom”, an awesomely intuitive travel blog, has actually come up with a great number of suggestions for camping in New York State. The article’s author, Cyrena Lee, makes the argument that New York City is an amazing place to foster a love of the outdoors. She breaks down campgrounds into three tiers: Those with lots of amenities, those near popular tourist destinations (called semi-roughing it), and those that are really off the grid. And don’t worry- these locations are all near the city in some capacity, so you can still get your urban experience if you need to. Check out the selections below.
Lake George, New York: This has been dubbed the “Queen of Lakes”, and it is a well deserved title. It’s enormous. There are plenty of activities to do on the campgrounds, like jetskiing, hiking, and horseback riding. If you have a lot of people, you could rent a boat for a pretty affordable price, too. At Dockside Landing Marina, you can peel out in a pontoon or deck boat, check out fishing holes, and cliff jumping spots. The town is also worth exploring too, as well as the Magical Forest- where you can catch a glimpse of a display from an old World’s Fair, and stand before the world’s tallest Uncle Sam Statue. There’s also Bistro LeRoux, a more than solid restaurant.
Dingmans Campground, the Poconos: This off the grid location if very quiet, clean, and friendly- you can also bring your pets along! Theres also a general store nearby, where you can fill up on essentials (read, food). Lee recommends not bringing shoes either, citing health benefits and the sometime need to ford the occasional stream. There’s also a very wide river, perfect for canoeing or kayaking.

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