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On the Merits of Travel

Travel, for the most part, is tricky. It can be expensive, take up quite a bit of time, and cut into plans that may have already been established or prevent you from making new ones. It may take you away from home life, family, or– dare I say it– work. It can be scary, too. Travel has the potential to… Read more →

Take a Tip From Cuba

Let’s hop right into it. A lot of time, people we’re most critical of aren’t the outsiders or the new guys. More often than not, it’s ourselves. Once we see something in someone else that we admire, or at the very least, makes us go “huh, so what would it be like if I tried that?” we begin to imagine… Read more →

Traveling Tips

Thanks to Time Magazine for giving us these awesome tips! Follow to link to read over 40 more tips. Traveling is one of life’s greatest gifts, but there are many things that could go wrong.  Be sure you are thoroughly prepared before going anywhere because you don’t want anything to ruin a wonderful trip.  So here are a few traveling… Read more →