Travel Mondays: Milan

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Milan, there couldn’t possibly be a better time. The Lombard city is the host of the 2015 World Expo, which the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. If you’re a food lover, this may just be the trip for you. Not only will the exhibits examine sustainable practices for our terrestrial home; it will also feature a theme of nutrition! This gives you not only the opportunity to learn about global health overall, but you can also sample cuisine from a diverse variety of cultures. The New York Times tells us that The Future Foods District will be a place to explore the relationship between technological advances and the universal food chains.

But what if you take in everything the expo has to offer, but still want to experience the historic Milan? You can check out a number of the old churches, like the Duomo or the Basilica of Saint Ambrose. These churches are among the oldest in Italy, and not seeing them would be denying yourself a truly cool architectural experience!

Dumo Cathedral

The Duomo is just one of the many historical attractions Milan has to offer.

For those looking to have a great time with some of the more modern culture, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia could be worth checking out– it’s the biggest science museum in Italy. And after the sun goes down, check out the Navigli Quarter, which is full of restaurants and pubs!