Traveling Tips

Thanks to Time Magazine for giving us these awesome tips! Follow to link to read over 40 more tips.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest gifts, but there are many things that could go wrong.  Be sure you are thoroughly prepared before going anywhere because you don’t want anything to ruin a wonderful trip.  So here are a few traveling tips to help ensure that you have an easygoing, adventurous trip that meets all of your expectation:

First, make sure you read traveler reviews.  Become knowledgeable about the place you are going to.  You don’t want to get stuck in an overly-touristy area, or on a sketchy bus for an entire day, so make sure you read reviews that give insight on the hotels you are looking at and spots that are worthy to stop to see. TripAdvisor is probably the most helpful tool you can use to help plan your vacation.

Second, buy travel insurance (it’s worth it).  Especially if you are going on a big-ticket trip that is mostly non-refundable.  The general plan covers emergency medical expenses, lost luggage, and will recover at least a portion of the cost of your trip if a part of your vacation has to be cut short.  To save money, be sure you buy your insurance from a third-party consumer and not a company selling your tickets or cruise.

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Traveling is so much more involved than hopping over to a new location. There are many ways to optimize the experience!

Another good travel tip is to learn to be a light packer. Aim to use just one bag.  Pre-plan your itinerary as much as you can so you can figure out the specific items that are crucial to pack.  Don’t wait until the last second, like the night before your flight, because you’ll most likely wind up either overpacking or forgetting important things.  Be strategic about what you’re bringing, and try to roll your clothes in a ball instead of folding them, it will save you lots of room.  Remember, shoes take up a lot of room so two pairs will usually suffice.

Fourth, when flying – BYOE, bring your own everything.  This is to make sure you are comfortable and stress-free, because everyone needs some shut-eye when they’re flying anywhere for over six hours.  Make sure you layer when you fly because you never know how cold the airplane is going to be – definitely bring a sweater.  Airports charge a lot for food, so pack some snacks so that you’re not starving.  Don’t rely on the airplane service to supply you with anything, it’s best to be fully prepared.  And don’t forget your headphones!

Lastly, be sanitary.  There are a lot of germs everywhere you go, especially on busses or in airports.  Make sure you take a small bottle of purell, because being sick is the one thing you don’t want when you’re traveling.  Have good hygiene mechanisms – always wash your hands, shower after a long flight, and be aware of people with cuts or other open wounds (stay away).  If you can stay healthy, you will feel your best and make the most out of your traveling experience.